I can see words in pictures, so to add a little comedy I have named this blog BUT I CAN

January 6, 2009 - Leave a Response

My Name is Tina McInerney and I am a person with a different way of learning also known as Dyslexic, Learning Disabled or someone with Attention Deficit Disorder. While these names help us to identify a problem to provide assistance, they also come with very negative stigma.

I know first hand that focusing on a person’s abilities builds self-esteem and that helps in discovering the natural hidden talent that soon replaces a deficit with a positive.

Although I had an extremely difficult and emotional time learning to read I did eventually learn how. I learned in a way that is simply different, not wrong or in need of repair, just not the same.

My disability has slowly transformed to an ability. It started with my first professional résumés from my friend and colleague, Isabella Mori

This professional résumé was not just a tool to show others what I can do, it showed me too.

The list of all of my skills and achievements gave me confidence in what I can accomplish.

So like that professional résumé, this is a list or world wide professional résumé of all persons that may not read that well but***

But I Can is intended to help bring awareness and provide a place to showcase the endless abilities of any person with a different way of learning.

If you have trouble reading like I do, help me to show the world all of our gifts and natural talents.

If you know someone that has trouble reading, let them know that there is now a place where they can shine.

It is easy Tell me Show me Or get someone to help you

And if you cannot think of anything, ask someone else what they think that you are good at. It is lots of fun and most surprising.

Here are a few ideas of what to send…………….. a picture, a poem, a song, or a video of what ever it is that you are good at.

Answer the question below by filling in the end with your own achievement

I may not be the best at reading BUT I CAN …and Send it too But I Can